At Skinlogica Laser Clinic we offer our Vampire Facial to both men and woman in and around London.

At Skinlogica Laser Clinic we have realised that the Vampire Facial has become a very common treatment amongst celebrities like Kim Kardashian and the procedure itself requires the patient’s blood as part of the process, which we know sounds gruesome, however it can work wonders. It is a very popular treatment as it presents fantastic anti-ageing results on the face and avoids the need for any cosmetic surgery. There are a few advantages of having a Vampire Facial at our clinic in London. Firstly, after injecting the skin it causes no bruising which is great and secondly, there is no risk of you rejecting the procedure as it uses your own blood. This treatment is also known to last longer, averaging of up to 15 months. Our Vampire Facial helps create a more younger looking skin and gives you a bright skin tone and glow.  So, if you are interested in this facial please call us or book your free consultation today with our in house doctor.

What are the benefits of a Vampire Face Lift?

At Skinlogica Laser Clinic you will find that after you have had your treatment, your skin will have improved it’s skin tone. It will suddenly appear much clearer, smoother, brighter and younger. We have performed this treatment on many of our customer and they have all love the results.

Vampire Facial (Platelet Rich Plasma)
Vampire Face Lift (Platelet Rich Plasma) From £300


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