What can be achieved with our various Semi Permanent Makeup Treatments?

At Skinlogica Laser Clinic we have a variety of Semi Permanent Makeup Treatments available for customers in London. Now when most people think about semi permanent makeup they think of a harsh tattooed on make up line that remains on the skin and over time turns into an unnatural colour and looks increasing misplaced as the skin starts to age. However with modern techniques, at Skinlogica we can create a look far from this unflattering image.

Today’s techniques can achieve fine light lines of colour that can be subtly layered on to the skin to create a natural result. Moreover it’s indistinguishable from regular makeup that you apply daily. This can ultimately create a fantastic looking effect and with our popular techniques it will be very effective on areas such they eyebrows and lips. Most Semi Permanent Makeup Treatments these days lasts for the certain amount of time, however that is desired by our clients at Skinlogica as they don’t have to worry about it looking strange as the skin ages overtime.

Popular Semi Permanent Makeup Treatments at Skinlogica Laser Clinic in London


For natural looking eyebrows, soft thin hair lines can be achieved through using multiple colours which creates a beautiful full looking brow, that doesn’t look unrealistic. This is deemed as a superb option for those who have lost majority of their hair through conditions such as alopecia or bald patches from over plucking that specific area. With our Semi Permanent Makeup Treatments this technique can definitely enhance the natural shape of the eyebrow and can add length too. Having fuller eyebrows can create more of a youthful appearance and having this treatment means you don’t have to worry about filling them in everyday.


Now it’s so hard to maintain a smoky eye look that lasts for a while and a black pencil sitting in the creases below the eyes can completely ruin an individual’s makeup look as it makes the eyes look tired and sometimes old. However with our Semi Permanent Makeup Treatments you can get a smudge proof eyeliner look. Our Semi Permanent eyeliner can be applied to varying widths so whether you require a thin light line or a hassle free bold make up effect we can do that for you.


At Skinlogica Laser Clinic our Semi permanent lip liner and lip colour can be used to completely transform the look and shape of your lips. It can also give you a subtle lift in colour for a more natural and plum lip enhancement. This treatment can also remedy any uneven lip shape and can enhance the volume of one or both of the lips so it looks more balanced.

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