Skinlogica Laser Clinic provides an excellent ND Yag Laser Treatment to men and woman in London

Skinlogica Laser Clinic presents their ND Yag Laser Treatment to those who want to get rid of any unwanted hair on their face and body. We all know that having excess hair can be quite uncomfortable and can eventually reduce an individuals’ self-confidence as your hair can become more apparent over time. This is because many of us resort to shaving, threading or waxing in order to get rid of unwanted hair. However these methods become monotonous, difficult and even painful. Furthermore we will find that our hair will then come back quicker and thicker than ever before. At Skinlogica our ND Yag Laser Treatment offers both men and woman in London a permanent solution to reducing unwanted hair which in the long run can save you both time and money on your body.

You might be aware that many clinics are known for using ‘IPL’ which is a laser that delivers poor results and requires more sessions which means more money! On the other hand, with us at Skinlogica, we care about the investment you’re making and that is why we only use the latest technology when it comes to Laser Hair Removal. With years of experience in providing our excellent and efficient ND Yag Laser Treatment , we aim to achieve a painless hair removal treatment for all skin types.

At Skinlogica we use the most advanced technology for our ND Yag Laser Treatment

At Skinlogica Laser Clinic we are known for using the ND YAG Cool Glide 1064 for all treatments we do. This ND Yag Laser Treatment was the first that was FDA approved for permanent hair reduction. Furthermore it is renowned for being suitable for all skin types and skin colour. Our Cool Glide 1064 can rapidly treat large areas on both men and woman in London. Also unlike other systems it can detect and treat fine hair as well as coarse, thick hair which is perfect. The hand piece that’s attached to this machine is designed in a specific way so it increases the client’s comfort and reduces any unpleasant skin reaction that might occur from any other lasers. When you come to either one of our London Clinics for your free consultation, we will study the anatomy of your hair follicle and then set the laser to precisely match your follicle size. We will perform a test patch on the area you want treatment before commencing your official ND Yag Laser Treatment.

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If you are interested in our ND Yag Laser Treatment please feel free to drop by at any one of our London Clinics either in Putney or Tooting. Alternatively you can call us or visit our website to book an appointment.