Skinlogica now offer customers in London an amazing treatment with their LED Facial Mask

You have probably heard about the LED Facial Mask after Jessica Alba posted a photo with it on Instagram not too long ago. Some might say the actress resembled on of the stormtroppers out of Star Wars as she was getting her facial done. Either way this photo got many people intrigued, to say the least and it has become immensely popular over the last few months. This in itself explains why we have become so fascinated by it and had to have it within our clinic. This LED Facial Mask, has also been used by celebrities such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Chrissy Teigen, which explains why their skin is always so flawless!  In fact many of our customers both men and woman have taken well to this treatment and it has performed wonders on their skin (after completely their course of 8 treatments). If you are interested in our LED Facial Mask, please book an appointment today.

How does our LED Facial Mask work?

Now many of our customers are curious to know how our LED Facial Mask works and its pretty simple really. This treatment which is also known as Color Light Therapy, use UV-free, specific wavelengths to boost the collagen production within your skin, which then allows more blood circulation and treats existing acne. It manages to kill the bacteria, as well as accelerate any skin recovery on the face. This is perfect for anyone who suffers from acne, inflammation and even wrinkles. Furthermore within our London Clinics we use the same mask as Alba. This LED Facial Mask uses three different coloured lights: red to reduce ageing, blue to kill bacteria and existing acne, and pink to accelerate skin recovery. A course of this treatment every month can make your skin look ageless and perfect.

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If you are looking for glowy, clear skin then you will want to try this facial. So, if you’re interested please call us today or visit our website