Skinlogica Laser Clinic offers the following Dr Murad Facials to customers in and around London;

Resurgence Renewal Facial
This Dr Murad facial manages to restore the glow you once used to know and it is our most indulgent facial yet. This treatment is specifically designed for menopausal and hormonal skin as it restores suppleness, texture and tone.

Sun Undone Vitamin C Infusion Treatment
Our Sun Undone Vitamin C Infusion facial will leave your skin looking brighter and lighter. This treatment is rich in Vitamin-C and is designed to protect you against ageing skin and any signs of environmental damage such as sun, stress and city living. Your skin will be radiant just after one treatment.

Clearly Youthful Facial
Are you looking for a facial that will leave your skin looking youthful and flawless? This treatment dramatically reduces the appearance of wrinkles and clears breakouts, oiliness and congestion. Furthermore helps those who suffer from severe adult acne. It increases elasticity, plumps the skin and diminishes lines whilst clearing pores.

Intensive Wrinkle Reducer Rapid Peel
This Dr Murad Skincare facial dramatically reduces the appearance of wrinkles. You will begin to see a dramatic improvement in texture and tone without the severe level of irritation or redness. This treatment leaves your skin looking brighter, smoother and firmer after just one treatment.

AHA Rapid Exfoliator Facial
This treatment is suitable for most skin types and it deeply exfoliates the skin. AHA’s and anti-oxidants are known to boost skin cell renewal and it reveals fresher, smoother and younger-looking skin. This Dr Murad Skincare facial is ideal for those who suffer from scarring. We recommend a course of treatments to achieve optimal results.

Blemish Control Facial
This is perfect for men and woman in and around London, who have acne prone skin, oily skin or occasional breakouts. This formulated facial uses fruit acids to cleanse clogged pores and it dramatically improves skin clarity. This treatment also reduces redness, blemishes and future breakouts.

Redness Therapy Facial
This breakthrough Dr Murad Skincare facial provides fast relief to calm and soothe easily inflamed, sensitive skin. It also treats rosacea, sun-damaged skin.

Pom-Power Pore Cleansing Facial
This treatment offers a deep cleanse via a pomegranate facial to power-away impurities and remove dead cells. It is ideal for blocked pores and those who suffer from acne prone skin and oily skin.

Murad Man Face Treatment
This is specifically tailored for the individual’s skin needs and the treatment immediately soothes and cleans clogged pores. It also has the ability to remove any signs of dullness within the skin, leaving it fresh and smooth.

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