Are you suffering from pigmentation and are looking for an Anti Pigmentation Treatment?

If you are looking for an Anti Pigmentation Treatment then you have come to the right place because at Skinlogica our treatment is suitable for both men and woman with all skin types including sensitive skin. This specific Anti Pigmentation Treatment aims to refine the skin texture and re-balances the skin, whilst minimising your pore size.  Over the years we have realised that pigmentation presents a major concern to most of our customers in London and it is our duty to help those people feel comfortable in their own skin. If you are suffering from uneven skin tone, discolouration, sun damage or melisma, our Anti Pigmentation Treatment will help reduce any of these issues.

Why choose Skinlogica for your Anti Pigmentation Treatment?

When it comes to our Anti Pigmentation Treatment, our facialist will either use our Monu or Obagi product. Both of these brands are suitable for men and woman in London with different skin types and conditions. This treatment is designed to deeply exfoliate the skin and penetrate through any damaged layers of the skin. This then encourages them to shed and reveal your new younger looking skin, which is fantastic. At Skinlogica Laser Clinic we have been performing our Anti Pigmentation Treatment for over 5 years and have many satisfied customers. Our treatment is result-driven and will help improve the appearance of your skin in just one session. However, if you do have a server case of pigmentation, we would advise you to take a course of 6 to 8 as you will gain long-term benefits. If you are looking for an even skin complexion then you should definitely book a free consultation with us today.

Contact Skinlogica Laser Clinic for our Anti Pigmentation Treatment in London

If you are interested in our treatment please feel free to pop by our London Clinics in Tooting. Alternatively you can call us or visit our website to book an appointment.