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At Skinlogica our Anti Acne Treatments reduce skin outbreaks and ultimately makes the skin feel smoother and less oily.

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Approximately 45 minutes

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From £59

Skinlogica offers wonderful Anti Acne Treatments to customers in and around London

At Skinlogica we can understand the side effects of having blemished skin as it can make you feel very self-conscious and can cause a lot of pain. Stress can also be a component, which can lead to adult acne, where over 30% of men and 45% of woman can get affected. Our Anti Acne Treatments aim to reduce skin outbreaks, leaving the skin to feel healthier, smoother and less oily. We are proud to have a range of wonderful solutions for acne as our customers have the chance to feel comfortable in their own skin again.

What kind of Anti Acne Treatments do Skinlogica provide?

At Skinlogica we provide the following Anti Acne Treatments to our customers;

Clearly Youthful Facial
If you are looking for a facial that will leave your skin looking youthful and flawless then this is the one for you. Our Dr. Murad Anti Acne treatment can dramatically reduces the appearance of wrinkles and clears away any breakouts, oiliness and congestion within your skin. This treatment is ideal for those who suffer from severe adult acne. It aims to increase elasticity and manages to plump the skin whilst diminishing lines and clogged pores.

Blemish Control Facial
This type of Dr Murad Anti Acne treatment is perfect for both men and woman in and around London, who suffer from acne prone skin, oily skin or occasional breakouts. This formulated facial uses fruit acids to cleanse clogged pores and can dramatically improve the clarity of your skin. This Anti Acne treatment also reduces any redness, blemishes and future breakouts.

Obagi Blue Radiance Peel
At Skinlogica our Obagi facial contains a unique blend of acids to provide a gentle but effective peel. It manages to exfoliate the skin, leaving it fresh and renewed.

LED Phototherapy
At Skinlogica our Opera LED Phototherapy is clinically proven to be painless and non – invasive. This facial treatment helps target skin conditions such as acne prone skin, pigmentation and inflammatory conditions such as rosacea, psoriasis and dermatitis. It will leave your skin extra rejuvenated and will reduce any signs of blemishes.

Why should you choose Skinlogica for their Anti Acne Treatments?

With our Anti Acne Treatments you will begin to see the result straight away. Your skin will even feel smoother in a matter of minutes. In order to achieve maximum results we advise a series of 4 to 6 Anti Acne Treatments. It is particularly effective for those who have acne scarring and photo-damaged skin. Our Anti Acne Treatments are suitable for all skin types and are available for men and woman in and around London.


At Skinlogica our Anti Acne Treatments can take up to 30 minutes. Afterwards, you can go about your day however we would advise you to keep your face make-up free until the next day, in order to achieve the best results.


Our Anti Acne Treatments are suitable for all skin types. So if you have acne issues, whether it’s a mild problem or something more severe, our facial specialist has years of experience and can advise you on the best treatment for your skin.

Anti Acne Treatments
Per Session4 Sessions8 Sessions
Skinlogica’s Signature Acne Treatment£59£200 £377
Clearly Youthful Facial£69£234 £441
Blemish Control Facial£69£234 £441
Acne Chest Treatment£69£234 £441
Acne Back Treatment£79£268£505
Obagi Facial
Per Session
Obagi Blue Radiance Peel Facial£69
LED Phototherapy (Opera)
Single TreatmentCourse of 4Course of 8
LED Phototherapy (Opera)£69£234 £441
LED Post Care Phototherapy£69£234 £441

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Monu Resurface & Peel Facial - £65


4.7 Average

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I had hardly any eyebrows, mostly from overzealous threading and ageing. I decided to get the semi-permanent eyebrows done by Nisha. At my consultation, we discussed shape and thickness, I needed a thicker brow according to my face shape. The pain was bearable. Peeling did occur but that was part of the process and I was informed about this by Nisha at the consultation. Now my eyebrows look great and have thrown out all my pencils etc. They look so good and 100% better than pencils which give a more made up look. Now I just put my makeup and there’s no need to even touch up my eyebrows. They look very natural and I have received many compliments about them. Thanks Nisha for my perfect eyebrows and giving me my confidence back! Can’t stop looking at them in the mirror. Definitely would recommend!


I used this place only once and I'm thinking of going again. I cant say anything about laser removal however I'm pleased with the owner who due to an error on wahanda (I paid silly price) honored the deal. She could have refused to treat me. Thats how you run business. Well done

tessa barrett

I thought about laser hair removal for years, I told myself it was something I would get done when I had some spare cash. After a making up yet another excuse of why I couldn't join my daughter and other half to go swimming (the real reason being I was in between wax apts), I thought enough is enough and unwanted hair was not just an inconvenience but effecting my quality of life. I' ve had two laser treatments and the results are amazing. It sounds dramatic to say but it's changed my life through changing the way i see my body. I feel liberated to be able to say yes to going swimming or wearing shorts in the gym whenever I like. So in short my advice would be don't put it off! As is evident from all the reviews, Nesha a delightful clinician that puts you at ease. It's clear from her professional demeanor she's highly skilled and experienced.


I had semi permanent eyebrows done by the lovely Nisha. She was so nice and professional, she explained to me every details what was going to be done and keep asking me every steps of the procedure if I'm happy so far. All I can say I highly recommended this place!

Marco D'Angelo

Great treatment with some added pampering! I've had laser facials before at other clinics and they have always felt like more like a procedure than an actual treatment....normally a quick cleanse and prep of thes skin, a blast of the laser, some SPF cream applied and your on yor way. With Nisha, her 30minute laser facial is very much a 'treat'-ment from start to finish. Nisha clearly knows her stuff and is very personable, talking you through each stage of the facial. After the laser, Nisha applies a series of serums and masks which she massages into the skin. The facial massage is very relaxing and is great pamepring element of the treatment...I only wish that it lasted longer! Since my first treatment I have now booked a course of 8 and always look forward to my next treatment. Since having the facials I have noticed that my skin appears firmer, plumper and surface blemishes have faded. The Skinlogica clinic is a lovely environment....modern, very clean and always smells amazing! The aromatherapy vapours relax you from the moment you enter 🙂

jason pinto

I only booked in for a consultation with Nisha. What I can say is that she is a professional and lovely lady. she recommended that I did not really need any treatment and that is a great sign of someone that is not trying to just take your money.


From the get go Nisha has made me feel very welcome and comfortable, she is very professional and the treatments that I'm getting have really changed my life!! I would recommend Skinlogica to everyone I know. The place is clean and had a real good feel when you walk in. There is parking, bus stops and tube station in walking distance to get there.


Highly recommend this salon. Nisha is lovely, makes you feel really comfortable and gives you honest advice. I have personally found the skin rejuvenation facials incredible for my skin - so great in fact that I've got my sister and mum hooked too!

Aisha Arshid

I would definitely recommend skinlogica to all my friends and families. The owner (Nisha) is very helpful, kind and always gives clear advice on my treatments and aftercare. We also are able to contact her, after hours, for any questions if unsure about our treatments. I definitely like how she introduces me to any new products and takes our feedback into consideration. Thankyou Nisha.